When to choose a Pre-Inked or Self-Inking Stamp?

When to choose a Pre-Inked or Self-Inking Stamp?

You’ve decided your old rubber stamp and messy stamp pad have seen better days and it’s time to order a new one. Should be easy, right?

You know what you want it to say. Maybe it’s “Confidential”, or “Received”, or “Approved”, or maybe it’s something custom like an address or signature stamp or a picture of your dog Stanley. Piece of cake.

Whoa, what’s this? Pre-inked stamps…Self-inking stamps. What’s the difference and nobody told you that you’d have to make a decision. No worries, we’re here to help. Here’s a primer on your options to help you make the right choice for the job.

Pre-Inked Stamps
 – No ink pad required; gel ink is molded into an impression
 – Provides crisp, clean impressions with no feathering
 – Up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking

  Choose our Stamp-Ever® Pre-inked stamps when:
   – The quality of the impression itself is most important
   – Customer wants a Made in the USA product
   – Not for rapid, repeat stamping

Self-Inking Stamps
 – Replaceable ink pad is built into the stamp mount
 – Photopolymer impression strikes the ink pad after each impression
 – The impression die transfers ink from the pad to the paper
 – Up to 10,000 impressions before replacing the ink pad

  Choose Self-Inking stamps when:
   – The quality of the impression itself is NOT most important
   – When being used for rapid, repeat stamping (clerical, warehouse, service center, etc.)
   – The artwork does NOT contain large areas of solid color
   – Ink does not transfer evenly from the pad to a large solid surface on the die

There you have it. You’re now a stone-cold stamp expert. But if you have any questions, give us a call. We’re here to help you with all of your custom stamp, nameplate, name badge, embosser, signage and business stationery needs!