FREE Gourmet Coffee Gift Card & Holiday Jumpstart Ideas

FREE Gourmet Coffee Gift Card & Holiday Jumpstart Ideas


The holiday season is just around the corner. Are you excited or are you dreading it? Either way, we’re here to help!
Throughout the month, we will be sharing some quick, easy ways to take the stress out of your busy holiday season, and a few simple steps you can take now to enjoy the season more.

Start preparing early and reward yourself along the way.

Get a jump on the season, by preparing your gift wrapping station ahead of time, with a supply of gift wrap, bows, gift tags, 3M Scotch Tape, Ink Pens, and these handy Westcott products:

The Westcott 8” Titanium Non-Stick Scissors ( #14849) glide smoothly through gift wrapping paper to make wrapping all your gifts a pleasurable experience. These scissors even cut through adhesive tape with no sticky residue.
And, who among us hasn’t gotten frustrated trying to open holiday decorations, batteries, toys and other gadgets sealed in thick, seemingly impossible to open, impenetrable plastic? (Trust us, it’s even worse when your three year old is having a melt down because you can’t open their toy – we’ve been there). Westcott to the rescue. We recommend their 8” Carbotitanium Scissors (#16447) for effortless cutting through thick plastic or other hard-to-open material.

Best of all, you can reap all the benefits of planning ahead. Westcott is offering a $15 Gourmet Coffee Gift Card to treat yourself – or a friend, when you order $75 of qualifying Westcott Products.
So order Westcott Cutting Products for yourself or as a gift, and then kick back with a relaxing cup of coffee, and cross “wrapping gifts” off your holiday To-Do list.
Stay tuned – more helpful holiday tips to come.