Pro Tips for Stamping Excellence

Pro Tips for Stamping Excellence
Stamping Technique for Best Results

Are you a Faded Farrahor a Blotty Bettywhen using a pre-inked or self-inking stamp? Well no more! With these surefire stamping tips, your stamping frustrations will be a thing of the past!


Always stamp onto a hard, solid surface
      Stamping onto a stack of papers, for example, will result in uneven impressions

Always stamp straight down to avoid overprint (ink smudges where there should be none)
      Overprint is often a result of rocking the stamp left to right or top to bottom while stamping

Pre-inked Stamps

The more pressure used to make the impression, the darker and more distorted the impression
      It does not take much pressure to leave an impression

Self-Inking Stamps 
The more pressure applied, the more ink transferred from stamp to paper
      No matter how hard you stamp, the impression made will not be 100% solid with ink


Creating Stamps with Lines

Always use a minimum line weight of 1pt

      Line Weight point size and Text point size are not the same thing

      Double check line(s) in uploaded artwork have a minimum line weight of 1 point
      When in doubt of line weight, go thicker, not thinner
      Underlines can be used to create lines, but their point size should be minimum 6 sizes greater than the text size


So now that you have a little swagger in your stampmanship – stamp away with confidence!

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