Think Outside the Frame When Displaying Your Photos & Artwork

Think Outside the Frame When Displaying Your Photos & Artwork

If you’re looking for a new way to display your photographs or artwork, look outside the frame.
Consider clipboards!

Yes, clipboards are a clever, versatile way to display your favorite images. When your kids bring home new artwork every week, this is a super easy way to change out the art and display their work.

Clipboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you may choose those that best accentuate the size of your photo.

We carry a variety of brightly colored clipboards by Blue Sky, or get creative and paint one of our plain clipboards to match your room decor!

Best of all, you can put away your hammer, nails, measuring tape and level.

Simply hang your clipboards with 3M’s adhesive hooks or with double-sided removable poster tape.

How do you display photos and artwork? We’d love to hear from you and see your photos!

When to choose a Pre-Inked or Self-Inking Stamp?

When to choose a Pre-Inked or Self-Inking Stamp?

You’ve decided your old rubber stamp and messy stamp pad have seen better days and it’s time to order a new one. Should be easy, right?

You know what you want it to say. Maybe it’s “Confidential”, or “Received”, or “Approved”, or maybe it’s something custom like an address or signature stamp or a picture of your dog Stanley. Piece of cake.

Whoa, what’s this? Pre-inked stamps…Self-inking stamps. What’s the difference and nobody told you that you’d have to make a decision. No worries, we’re here to help. Here’s a primer on your options to help you make the right choice for the job.

Pre-Inked Stamps
 – No ink pad required; gel ink is molded into an impression
 – Provides crisp, clean impressions with no feathering
 – Up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking

  Choose our Stamp-Ever® Pre-inked stamps when:
   – The quality of the impression itself is most important
   – Customer wants a Made in the USA product
   – Not for rapid, repeat stamping

Self-Inking Stamps
 – Replaceable ink pad is built into the stamp mount
 – Photopolymer impression strikes the ink pad after each impression
 – The impression die transfers ink from the pad to the paper
 – Up to 10,000 impressions before replacing the ink pad

  Choose Self-Inking stamps when:
   – The quality of the impression itself is NOT most important
   – When being used for rapid, repeat stamping (clerical, warehouse, service center, etc.)
   – The artwork does NOT contain large areas of solid color
   – Ink does not transfer evenly from the pad to a large solid surface on the die

There you have it. You’re now a stone-cold stamp expert. But if you have any questions, give us a call. We’re here to help you with all of your custom stamp, nameplate, name badge, embosser, signage and business stationery needs!

12 File Cabinet Organization Tips

12 File Cabinet Organization Tips

If your file cabinet is a mess, it makes finding the documents you need almost impossible and very frustrating. These 12 tips will help you create an organized system for storing important documents and you’ll never again waste time searching for items. Follow these easy steps to create your organized filing system.

1. Purge old, obsolete files. Shred items with personal information.

2. Identify what papers need to be placed in active files and what goes in the permanent files.

3. Active files hold resource materials which are regularly referred to for information.

4. Permanent files are rarely referred to but contain records we are required to retain, such as tax and legal records.

5. Select a filing solution based on your needs and space. Active files can be stored separately from permanent files and should be more easily accessible.

6. Choose colorful file folders to organize by topic. Decorative file folders are also a fun way to stay inspired and add some pizazz to your workspace

7. Use hanging files for topic and divide subtopics with interior files.

8. Alphabetize main categories to save time.

9. Clearly label each file. When you use clear labels, it gives your files a professional, custom-printed look.

10. File immediately — the key to keeping your filing system up-to-date is to file things right away.

11. Always have plenty of folders and labels on hand.

12. Set a recurring time to review your files and keep them up to date.

Find Your “Perfect Pen” Soul-Mate and Win a Free Pen

Find Your “Perfect Pen” Soul-Mate and Win a Free Pen

Just like selecting your perfect Valentine, selecting your perfect pen is a very personal choice!

There is a whole world of writing instruments out there including the pen that is perfect for you. The team at Zebra Pen “think ink” all the time to offer a broad range of high quality writing instruments at a great value.

Zebra’s Ink Lab team is always testing, innovating and perfecting ink formulas. Did you know there are many different kinds of ink, each with unique properties? Ballpoint, gel, water-based, oil-based; Zebra makes them all, because they know that choosing a writing instrument is such a personal choice.

Take a look at their Z-Grip Flight, for example. Featuring a stylish and lightweight barrel with inlaid soft touch grip, the combination of bold 1.2mm point size and low viscosity ballpoint ink creates a writing experience so smooth you’ll think it’s a gel, but the oil-based nature of the ink dries faster than gel to eliminate smearing on most surfaces. The best of both worlds! It’s available in both a stick pen and in a retractable barrel pen.

Comment here and we will send 12 lucky winners a FREE Zebra Z-Grip Flight pen to try. Or, visit us at and check out our huge selection of Zebra Pens to find your pen soul mate!